General Questions

You must have a domain name registered.  For those asking where to buy domain name, we recommend Namecheap. It does not cost much more than a cup of coffee to own a domain name!

You also need to  have a hosting plan. In case if you don’t have a web hosting plan, we can host your storefront on our WordPress hosting server.  At the same time, you are at full liberty to use your own hosting platform in case if you have already one.  Your hosting account MUST support PHP5, MySQL4.

Yes, you need be an affiliate for Clickbank. Once you sign up as an affiliate, you will be given a unique Clickbank ID, is the one that you need to place at the screen of signing up with us.

No. It is free to open an account with them!

You may check your earnings at ClickBank.com by log-in with the ClickBank ID that you have used while signing up with us. Please make sure you have always updated your correct ClickBank ID with us. Your earnings are paid by ClickBank.com. You can choose to receive either a Cheque, a Bank Transfer payment direct from ClickBank.

ClickBank send payments automatically every week.

No. Once the user clicks on “Read More” button, they are taken to Clickbank’s Vendor site to finalize their order. Any communications from here on in should be directed to the corresponding Vendor & Clickbank.

ClickBank Related Questions

Clickbank® is the world’s largest affiliate-marketing network for info-product digital products like eBooks, software and membership sites in different categories. There are two types of account types at Clickbank. The one type of account is for Affiliatemarketers who like to earn commissions  and the other for Vendors who like to publish their own digital products through Clickbank.

Clickbank products are one of the most lucrative and highest converting products in the online industry with a good reputation score. As an affiliate, you  might be wanted to earn income by promoting their products.

No, we are in no way related with Clickbank.com officially. We act as a third party service provider to Clickbank affiliates, helping them to make money in an easy way.

ClickBank offers a commission ranging from 20 to 75% on each products sold by their affiliates.

We have made sure that your ClickBank ID is linked on all of the links of the products on your store. Your Clickbank ID is your unique ID that allows Clickbank to accurately track and award the commissions you earn.

Installation Questions

For the moment, it is free of charge.

WooCommerce Related Questions

WooCommerce is an eCommerce toolkit for WordPress. If you are thinking about creating your own online store, WooCommerce is the ultimate choice. WooCommerce has got a lot of customization options. This means that your online store does not have to look like everyone else’s. You can get it installed in just minutes and you will be on your way to a more professional looking online store. Moreover it is FREE!

Yes, you can add your own products/affiliate products via WooCommerce’s -> Add Product screen.

WordPress Related Questions

There is nothing like that you should know any technical terms. Once the plugin is installed, it should work automatically. At the same time, if you’ve got a bit of working knowledge in WordPress, it is beneficial for doing activities like adding new plugins, changing themes etc.

If you are new to WordPress, we request you to check out this tutorial website WordPressRiver.com

We recommend you use Woo-commerce compatible WordPress themes. There are many free and premium Woo themes. To find out free themes, you may please search using the word “WooCommerce” in WordPress theme directory.