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  •      Over 4,000 ClickBank Products
  •      Offers 40 - 75% commissions
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  •      Profit from recurring products
  •      Automatically updates
  •      100% SEO friendly
  •      Woo-Commerce ready
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Build your own ClickBank store even if you are a newbie

ClickBank Store Builder

If you are interested in building an online business and becoming your boss, running your own Clickbank Affiliate Store is one of the best ways to begin your online money making a journey. Promoting Clickbank products can be a lot more beneficial when compared to any other affiliate program. ClickBank offers tons of digital products that provide up to 75% commission on each product, while the average is 50%.


Introducing the MyCBGenie

MyCBGenie is the ultimate WordPress plugin developed for those people who want to earn money by promoting affiliate products from ClickBank®. Although ClickBank products can be marketed through different methods, promoting through an online storefront is the most proven method.

The hardest part in building your own ClickBank Store is the decoding of ClickBank's Marketplace XML data-feed and extracting the product details that only developers can do. This where MyCBGenie comes into work with an easy-to-plugin solution.

MyCBGenie ClickBank Affiliate Store Builder Features

MyCBGenie is developed by a team that has more than 14 years of experience in marketing of ClickBank® products, taking over 11 months for the development and testing of the product.

It offers the opportunity to promote over 4,000 info-products through a single platform. The sales conversion rate with info-products is generally high because it improves the quality of one's life.

When the products organized in a store, you are giving the choice of products to the buyers so that they can browse and pick whatever they want.

Most of the products have a 60-day money-back-guarantee which helps you to gain the buyer's confidence.

MyCBGenie store built on , and now it's easy to add your affiliate or physical products.

It offers buyers to filter products using the performance factors such as [ rating and rank ] that are based upon various statistics that we obtain from ClickBank Marketplace® and a few third-party providers such as Alexa®.

Should you want to turn your passive visitors into buyers, you may set up a newsletter subscription form to create a customer opt-in-list and email them periodically.

According to our study, the sales conversion rate is improved by 285%, when ClickBank® products are clubbed through an online store rather than promoting products individually.

Thanks MYCBGENIE for importing the ClickBank® products into WordPress as WooCommerce products!


When Clickbank products mapped as WooCommerce products, all your requirements for building your own Clickbank Store with all features enabled, are solved!

With ZERO Coding, ZERO Design Skills, and ZERO Expenses...


Your Store is built on WooCommerce

Let's See Why

It's free

WooCommerce is entirely free to download and use.

More than e-Commerce

You can maintain your main website and a fully functioning online store within a single WordPress site.

Sell almost everything

WooCommerce stores are capable of selling physical, virtual, and even affiliate/external products like ClickBank products.

Paypal by default

Although you do not need a payment gateway to process ClickBank products, WooCoomerce supports PayPal by default for completing the order. It is useful when you sell your products.

Vast customization options

Your online store does not have to look like everyone else’s. WooCommerce has hundreds of FREE and PREMIUM themes to choose from, so you can find one that you like.

Huge selection of extensions

There are hundreds of WooCommerce Extensions available. From these extensions, one can find applications relating to accounting, payment gateways, marketing, reporting, and more.

Optimized for SEO

WooCommerce is the most popular and arguably best eCommerce plugin for WordPress, and its integration allows you to include both excellent SEO value and eCommerce ability.

Runs on WordPress

The significant difference is that WooCommerce is a plugin that runs on WordPress. If you have already had a WordPress website, simply install the woo-commerce plugin to build an online store for your business.

MYCBGENIE is awesome

Learn why we are unique and different


Woo-Commerce is a great WordPress plugin to turn any WordPress site into a storefront in no time. We have built your ClickBank Store on the world's most popular shopping cart platform - WooCommerce.

AUTO SYNC add/remove products from their database every day. We make sure your ClickBank Store is updated daily as per ClickBank's changes via automated CRON jobs. You don't have to lift a finger to do this!


We've redefined the title and description of all ClickBank products to frame for potential buyers. Also, outdated and junk products removed while reviewing. It is one of the key features that no one has ever tried.


Entire ClickBank Products imported on to your WooCommerce store along with its product cover images! We know the importance of having an image cover. It not only improves the appearance of the store but also increases the conversion ratio.


Didn't the like the default product descriptions or the cover image? Were you obsessed with unique SEO content? Define your product details. These details will not be ever affected after followed by a SYNC operation.                                                                                                       


Protect your links from getting hijacked. We have masked all of the product links with your ClickBank ID internally, to protect your deserved earnings.                                                                                                                                                               

We are proud to be the first to integrate ClickBank products into


Set up your ClickBank Store in just a few minutes!

Step 1: Install the Woo-Commerce

Woo-Commerce is the world's most preferred e-Commerce platform for WordPress users. It's FREE to install and use. From your WordPress dashboard area, you may please install the Woo-Commerce plugin.

Step 2: Install the MyCBGenie Plugin

Once the Woo-Commerce plugin is activated, please download the MyCBGenie plugin from your back-office area and upload it into your WordPress plugin page and then activate it.

Step 3: Import the ClickBank Products

You may start importing the ClickBank products from our remote server into your server using the MyCBGenie Import Menu link. Depending upon the RAM and CPU capacity of your server, it may take some time.

Step 4: Configure your ClickBank ID

In this step, you will configure the plugin settings to include your Clickbank ID. Woo-commerce category widgets and product search filter widgets can be dragged from your WordPress widget area to the sidebar or footer sections of your store. You can also search for WooCommerce plugins(most are free) in your WordPress plugin directory that can enhance the user experience and the appearance of your store.

Get it now...!

See Commissions Grow At Your Clickbank Account!


  • Run A Successful Clickbank Store
  • Products get udpated automatically
  • Add Products from Other Affiliate Networks such as Amazon etc
  • Earn a passive income from ClickBank®


Happy clients

See What Clients Say About This Plugin

We are delighted with the My CBGenie WordPress plugin. We have been promoting CB products but needed a way to seamlessly add them to our website. Thank you for My CBGenie.
Paul Vanleeuwen

I was a struggling Clickbank Affiliate, made sales but not enough and was not happy. I came across MyCBGenie and found they have the right tools and resources to win with Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Arena. I have doubled my sales in a few days since the Plugin went live on the internet and visitors are more receptive to navigate thru the website and actually convert to the offers.                                                                                        
Joel Suarez

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We're 100% confident that you will love mycbgenie store builder plugin.

If you encounter any issues within the 30-Days period, we will refund your money 100%. NO questions would be asked.

Don't miss it... We've waived off the annual payment for a few days.

Access Store Builder in a single, one-time payment. Hurry up, the offer expires soon.
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MyCBGenie review each ClickBank® products

Although ClickBank® provides a data feed of their products in an XML format, in most cases, the product definitions are not intended for end-buyers. Generally, this is an announcement from the product owner said to affiliates to promote his/her products.

We don't believe in displaying such raw product definitions in your store, which can confuse the buyers. As a solution, we've rewritten every Clickbank product description from an end buyer's point of view.

In short, we act as a middle-level service provider between your store and Clickbank Marketplace data feed. In the middle, we maintain a few dedicated servers where your store is connected.

To keep your store up-to-date with product changes, we designed the plugin so that your store talks to these servers instead of Clickbank's marketplace XML data feed. Through SYNCing from these servers, we ensure that your store contains ONLY the ClickBank products that are reviewed by our team.

Unlike other Clickbank stores:

It checks each of the products listed in the ClickBank® XML data-feed, makes sure the product is still valid and is not obsolete. The plugin then imports only the authentic products into your store rather than all the products listed in the ClickBank's Marketplace XML data-feed.

It imports only the improved product titles & descriptions into your store rather than the raw product definitions from Clickbank marketplace XML data-feed.

Instead of displaying a screenshot of product websites that look may ugly in your store, it imports the original image of the product.


Frequently ask questions

Yes, you must be an affiliate of Clickbank. Once you signed up as an affiliate, you will be given a unique Clickbank ID which you will need to refer to us.

We assume that you already have a domain name and web hosting purchased. There is virtually no cost to run your Clickbank Store, except a small fee for the MyCBGenie plugin. We are sure you can get this investment back with your first sale from the store.

We only charge a one-time fee.

No. Once the buyer clicks on the "Read More" button of your store; they are taken to Clickbank’s vendor site to finalize their order. Any communications from here on in directed to the corresponding vendor and Clickbank.

Yes, you can add your own physical/affiliate products via WooCommerce -> Add Product screen.

Make sure you have updated your ClickBank ID with us. This will enable us to embed your ClickBank ID on all links on your store. Every week, pay your commissions directly into your bank account or by check.

Need more questions...please feel free to contact us s u p p 0 r t [at]

CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank is not affiliated in any way with MyCBGenie and use of "ClickBank" does not constitute an endorsement of MyCBGenie or any of the contents of this page. Sales made by MyCBGenie are the sole responsibility of MyCBGenie and not ClickBank.

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